How to stay agile everyday and maintain a work-life balance

Today professional coach Adelina Stefan explains how to maintain balance between life and work.

By Adelina Stefan

5 Feb 2021

3 min read

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As a Professional Coach passionate about personal development and continuous improvement to catalyze individuals’ potential, I was curious to try Personal Agility System to help me better organize my work and achieve and maintain a balance between work and personal life. Here I share some tips to help you achieve a balance as well.

With Covid-19 adding to the uncertainty around the world at the moment we all have a lot of things on our plate and limited time to achieve them all. By using the Personal Agility System (PAS) you can keep your personal and professional life on track while moving towards achieving your goals.

5 Tips How Can We Embrace Change and Make Personal Agility a Daily Habit:

1. Be present and calm when something is not working the way you would like to. Validate your emotions. Remember that you cannot change the circumstance itself, but you can change your perception of it and your prioritizations using simple visualizations such as the Personal Agility System.

2. Redefine your dream destination and revisit the What Really Matters list. Identify the red flags and think about how much time you spent on things that are not so important. Reflect on what may have caused this deviation.

3. Ask for help. You will realize that there are many people around you, and, even if at the beginning you may think that you can complete a task faster than others you may help you, remember that in time, you can achieve more than you have initially thought. Get a mentor or coach who can help to validate yourself and implement new healthy habits.

4. Avoid procrastination. If you aren’t taking any action quickly, the chances are that your goals will become even more distant. Adjust the sails, change your boat's direction so that it navigates towards what really matters, removing any obstacles or unnecessary details that may delay your work.

5. Celebrate small wins weekly to achieve big goals. We often tend to focus on the outcome, ignoring any important steps along your way that contributed to our success. Remember those big achievements don’t happen overnight or in a few days, but you need to work constantly towards your vision. Rewarding yourself for small goals regularly will help you acknowledge that you are on the right way and increase your self-esteem.

Doing these should empower you to take control over both you personal & professional life and do what's most effective for you.

Adelina Stefan is a Professional Certified Coach & Intercultural Facilitator who specializes in Career Development.

She can help you clarify your career objectives and at T4G we can verify that you have the correct skills to get your dream role.

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