We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with The Business Game.

As part of our growing business we feel this partnership will help both companies to develop skill verification through gamification.

We at talent4gig have been developing our AI platform to provide skill verification on both hard and soft skills allowing clients to build the right tech teams from the start.  

The Business Game is a consolidated innovative company working in the consultancy field thanks to its business game tool. Started in Udine in 2008, its gamification approach helps clients to enrol and better evaluate people during HR paths, such as selection or during the assessment process; its biggest value is to exclude bias focusing on the real potential of people and their future development instead of concentrating only on their past experiences. Moreover, a business game is capable of creating a better learning experience through gaining new capabilities thanks to the learning by doing method.

Together we can change how teams are built in this fast paced environment.

There are 4 main reasons why skill verification is essential to build the right team.

  • Using the gaming tool to perform coding challenges helps HR managers to hire based on verified skills - while engaging the candidates and making the process more efficient.
  • Traditional CV’s are outdated and full of bias - candidates know how to pad their CV to get past ATS. 
  • Hiring candidates is expensive - you need to make sure the skills you are hiring for are at the right level - interviews are not the right method to do this leading to extra expense and time delays if you make the wrong decision.
  • You want to hire the right candidates for the right role to ensure they are happy and progress in their career and stay with your company.

We are excited to work with The Business Game and to bring you the new developments from this collaboration in the current weeks.

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