The Future of Work – BeyondHRForum 2018


Just got back from Amsterdam after 2 days of fully-immersed and inspired experience of #TheFutureOfWork, thanks to the fantastic team of #beyondhrforum for organizing the event so well informative and thoughtful that keeps all of us at @Talent4Gig think that improving the job market is still possible today in 2018.

The forum was aiming to zoom into The Future of the Work, Future of HR, The Future Workplace and its possible impacts on the society. It involved a deep know how, exchange of views and exclusive networking sessions on the Future of HR. An excellent opportunity to meet the persons and listen to the keynote presentations of the people who are shaping the Future of HR!

It allowed the participants to move way beyond from the current debate on HR, becoming an impactful journey and some further highlights into the future of a progressive HR curriculum. It addressed the technological changes impacting the HR, going further and considering the technology in the context of society and analyzing how an effective social impact can be generated.

I can’t stop thinking about the opening session when a young girl, Floortje put forward a very simple request in front of us; to make the future work better so that she can be the best version of herself and not the one which others wanted her to be!

We at @Talent4Gig are determined to move in a direction with a mission to include anyone in the job market regardless of the location; this is what will be making us happy. The diversity in our team should give us a chance to know more about other cultures and make us think thoughtfully and more logically. It should allow us to work from anywhere we want and choose anyone we would like to get connected.

We will enable people always choose projects/gigs/contracts based on their interests, which makes them a sense of fulfillment. To enable them to find a job market where they can decide their mission and values they want to join. Having the power of deciding is what we all want from the technology to do for us and helping us to focus on the things for which humans are best at i.e. create, think, socialize; and let the machines do what they are for i.e. computing.

We at @Talent4Gig will enable our companies and Talents to get to a globally connected market that will help them learn new things while they are at work, a trusted global market which helps them to work with the people they have never met before. Make them to be flexible enough to balance their hobbies and work and maintain a work-life balance, having more time for them and not to worry about their job stability.

The event was a knowledgeable event for the HR professionals with keynote presentations from renowned HR leading speakers, deep-dive master classes with live case studies and panel discussions on latest HR trends such as effects of AI on society and leadership in a digital virtual world, a massive hackathon #savethechildren for the forum participants, keynote speech by a leading author and a memorable dinner for the participants.

At the end Floortje asked us to join her campaign of shaping a better future of #TheFutureOfWork while we all are thinking about the future!

Are you a forward thinker? Are you a global talent manager? Do you want to shape the future of work?