How to conduct a skills gap analysis for your tech team

You need to make sure your team has the right skills to achieve your goals

By Sharon Vaz

29 Jan 2021

3 min read

To grow your business, you need a strategy – where do you want to be in the next year? The next 5?  Then you need to make sure that you have a team that will get you there. 

Skills gap analysis allows you to see if there are any gaps between employees existing skills and the skills needed to reach your company goals.   Once you have performed this analysis you can identify how you are going to fill those gaps – do you need to invest in retraining, moving someone internally that has the skills you need, or should you fill the gap externally? 

So how do you conduct a skill gap analysis

You should identify the skills needed (and the level of proficiency required) that will allow you to reach your goal.

You need to clearly define your business strategy and the timeline for getting there. 

  • What technology will help you get there? 
  • What soft skills are needed?
  • What is happening in your industry that you need to be aware of? 
  • Is your team adaptable enough to cope? 
  • Will there be new positions you need to fill, or can you retrain your existing team?

Measure existing skills in your team 

You need to measure your current team to verify that the skills they have fit with your business strategy. There are a number of ways to do this - you can use performance reviews, 360s, or skill assessments (like the coding challenges we run at T4G).  You need to decide which way works best for you and your team.

Address Skills Gaps

When you have run your assessments, you will know how skilled your team is.  You then need to decide what to do going forward to transform your team into the one that will meet your strategic goals.

  • Is there the possibility to retrain the members of the team who show up as having gaps in the skills you need going forward?
  • Are there candidates currently working in other teams who can be moved to a role better matching their skills?
  • Do you need to restructure those employees whose skills no longer match your business going forward and find new candidates (internally or externally) that closely match the skills needed?
  • Can you outsource some of the tasks if they are very specific and short term? 

If you need help with any of this, schedule a call with one of our team – we have a free talent calculator that lets assess your current team and if needed we can run a coding challenge specifically to verify a defined skill.

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