Why skill based assessments help increase diversity

By Sharon Vaz

21 May

4 min read

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Companies are continually looking for ways to increase diversity.

We think that for tech teams, the best way to do this is though skill assessments.

The reasons why are:

1. Hiring decisions are fairer.

When you have role that needs to be filled it should be filled based on the candidates ability to do the role and fit in with the culture of the company. Now that remote working is prevalent the talent pool available is wider than ever before - companies no longer have to hire based on who is near the office. Skill assessments mean that hires can be bias free and consistent. They go beyond traditional qualifications and be based on those people who have the potential to fit with the team and grow as they grow.

2. Tackle unconscious bias

To increase diversity you have to tackle unconscious bias. You may think you have but have a look at the people in your team - can you honestly say your team is truly diversified? It's easy to hire someone because they look like you, talk like you etc but they may not be the best person for the role. If you select from candidates who have completed a skill assessment then you will be choosing from a short list of candidates you may not have considered if you were using CVS

3. Supports varied learning methods.

We know that it's no longer considered essential to have a degree to work in tech. People now are continually up-skilling, having breaks, doing online courses etc. These all make the candidates have excellent skills - though not necessarily ones that would allow them to get through using ATS. By using skill analysis you can have a candidate who is excellent and self motivated enough to continue to improve - without having the worry of the skills not being proven (through traditional exams)

4. Interview bias is reduced.

If you interview after a skill analysis has been done you don't have to test technical skills in the interview. This can save some stress for candidates who may not be as extroverted as others. When you interview for technical skills in an interview it's hard to eliminate bias "I know they have a degree in this so I think it's just nerves" versus "they don't have a degree so I don't really have confidence they can do this role"

5. Perceptions about female coders are reduced

We know that there are not enough women in coding roles. By using skill analysis you hire the best person for the job. No one will think that a women got hired to make up a quota. Using skill assessment also increases the womens confidence as they know they are being. hired because they are the best person for the role - this confidence may lead to them negotiating a higher starting salary and help reduce the gender pay gap.

If you like the sound of this then we can help you. We can run a customised coding challenge so you can find a candidate based on verified skills.

You can also use customised coding challenges to assess your current team - do you need to hire? Should you run an up-skilling course? Was the course a success? Who should you promote? Let us show you how.

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