How skill analysis can help your HR team

By Sharon Vaz

10 June

4 min read

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Building a tech team is hard when you know what you are doing so imagine how hard it is when you ask your HR team to recruit a data scientist, full stack developer or any of the other specialised tech roles!

So how can you help your HR team and save time when building your tech team?

Use skill analysis - (we can of course recommend the skill analysis at talent4gig. )

What are the benefits to you & your HR team of using skill analysis?

1. You can define the technical skills needed & verify them

To run a skill analysis (or a coding challenge) you have to clearly define the role and the skills needed with the hiring manager before running the challenge. For example do you need someone who uses the MERN stack? What other skills are needed? This focuses the manager on what skills the candidate needs and makes sure the person they are hiring is the right person for the role.

When you use skill analysis you can check that the candidates have the skills needed and at the level needed before you hire them. We all know that people embellish their CV's - you don't want to find out that the python skills the candidate said were excellent are what the current team would consider basic after they have been hired...

2. You save time

By defining the role and the skills needed at the start of the process saves time for both the team with the role to fill and the HR team looking for the correct candidates.

3. Allow your HR team to understand what skills the candidate has.

We know tech roles are hard to understand - using the talent4gig. skill assessment will produce a report that allows anyone to understand what the candidates technical skills are. The hiring manager can also use this report instead of having do a technical interview - or go though each candidates GitHub repository and analyse this for each candidate.

4. Shorten the list of candidates to interview

If your HR team has followed these 4 steps they will be able to work through the list of candidates and shorten the list to ones that have the skills you need. This means you can then focus on the few suitable candidates and interview them based on how well they will fit in your team .

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