According to the state secretariat for economic affairs (SECO) regulations;

Provisions concerning Private Placement Services under the Federal Act on Employment Services and the Hiring of Services (AVG)


In accordance with Art. 2 paragraph 3 of the provisions regarding Private Placement Services underneath the Federal Act on Employment Services and the Hiring of Services (AVG), hiring agencies have to acquire a SECO license pursuant to organization of commercialized employment placements in Switzerland.

In accordance to Art. 3 paragraph 1(a) of the AVG, among many conditions to receive such license is the registration of the placement agency in the Swiss Commercial Registry and a compulsory physical office in Switzerland. (More information can be found in the SECO memorandum).

This insinuates that foreign agencies lacking registered offices in Switzerland are forbidden from candidly organizing commercial placements in Switzerland. Not adhering to these regulations indicates that both the agency and the client can be subject to penalties imposed by the state secretariat.

These are important factors to know:

• Cantonal (regional) and national (for all Switzerland) are the two kinds of license issued.

• The charge process will go through the partner with the license.

• Retainer which includes executive searches follow the same rules.

Not Permitted:

• First-hand placements of prospective candidates via foreign agencies which lacks a valid SECO license, a recognized and registered official presence in Switzerland or a co-partner who meets the requirements

• Letterbox only company in Switzerland

• Foreign agencies are not permitted to place temporary candidates in Switzerland.


Talent4Gig is a Swiss based company which is fully authorized by the SECO authorities to provide placement services.


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