Partnership for Security Improvement


The need for the protection of customer’s data and privacy has gain global attention in recent times following Facebook’s misuse of customers’ data and the newly introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. The GDPR not only applies to European businesses, it also includes companies that work with the customer data of EU citizens. The goal is to protect customers’ data from unauthorized intruders.

Many companies, especially tech based ones, are already implementing different data protection strategies that will enable them to gain and maintain the trust of their customers. Most of these companies are now turning to cloud computing as the ideal solution to data violation challenges.

Of course, cloud computing offers great opportunity for securing your data. It is an internet based solution that has come to solve lots of data breaching problems for businesses around the world. Hence, responsible businesses today are beginning to leverage on cloud computing technology to promote data security and protect their customers’ privacy.

Talent4GIG is a responsible company and we care about the data and privacy of our customers. Hence, we have partnered with Cyberlink and Interxion to incorporate our platform on the Swiss Data Center. Cyberlink and Interxion a cloud based data Security Company that works on safeguarding cyber information. The company has great track records for cyber security efficiency and we trust the support they are capable of providing us in terms of customers’ data protection.

We are aware it is our responsibility to protect your data and this is why we have reached out to a capable company to do the job for us. This partnership will guarantee the safety of all customers’ data and it will also give us the opportunity to serve you better. We know you always trust our professional judgment and we will not let you down on this. Of course, we understand the negative implication of exposing the identity of an individual – be it genetic, psychological, cultural, religious or socioeconomic –to the wrong hands.

Being a responsible entity, Talent4GIG always ensures compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, and policy requirements to protect each customer’s data and privacy. At any given time, we will always seek customers’ consent and inform them the purpose for which their data is being used.T hat shows how transparent we are!

At Talent4GIG, be rest assured that your data is safe as we will continue to update our technology and strategy to guarantee optimum performance and unbeatable data protection. Our partnership with Cyberlink and Interxion is one of our proactive measures toward ensuring safety of customers’ data. So, please continue to trust and believe in us!