Save on Hiring Costs with Better Information

Ryan Nelson

Make decisions based on data

Software developers are some of the most valuable people at any company. From designing innovative products and building customer interfaces, developers make the best companies what they are. For this reason, developers are some of the highest paid members of the team and the demand for their skills is only going to continue to grow. To invest in the right developers, companies need the make decisions with more data and better information.

Challenge your developer before hiring

Business leaders know that hiring a new employee is always expensive. There are fees for posting jobs, hiring consultants or paying HR personnel, background checks, and onboarding in addition to others. These costs can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars so managers need to make sure they are making the best possible use of every dollar spent. However, finding the right skills can be difficult, missed growth opportunities and slower roll-out of new products cost revenue. Even worse, however, is the possibility of getting a bad hire, someone who claims to have the skills and interviews well. In the best-case situation, a company will spend time recruiting, extending an offer, and spending two or three months realizing that the new developer cannot perform. This leaves the firm without the skills they need for many months and they have lost tens of thousands on recruiting fees and salaries. The worst-case situation is one where the company not only loses time and money but also must spend up to a year chasing the bad code written by the developer, delaying product launch and losing revenue.

Lower your hiring cost and increase talent retention

To get the best return on investment for each hire companies need to lower the costs and increase the success and retention of a new employee. The best way to improve the efficiency and success of any organization is to have the best possible data to make the best possible decision. Our platform allows companies to test candidates with a custom challenge specifically built for each position. Each candidate is evaluated and a detailed report is available before onsite interviews. With detailed profiles of each candidates skills, companies save money by reducing the interviewing time the wrong candidates and can trust they are hiring the right one.