Guest post from Joey Richardson

Our first Schnupperlehrstelle!

By Joey Richardson

19 March 2021

3 min read

Joey at ipad

We are proud to have had Joey Richardson working with us this week on a Schnupperlehre (Swiss work experience). This is his first blog post!

  • Hello from me!

Hi, I'm Joey Richardson. I'm 14 years old and am a student at the secondary school in Thalwil.

In our 2nd year we have to find a Schnupper and I am really lucky because Mrs Vaz at talent4gig offered me a Schnupperlehrstelle (work experience).

At talent4gig the work was very interesting because I was able to experience so many different things in the short time I was there! For example, on the first morning I helped assemble the desks and organising the room in the new office in Pfäffikon with Mrs Vaz. Then in the afternoon she explained how the company worked and what the AI platform does. She was very helpful and patient with me because I had many questions as this was my first experience of a tech start up company. I also took charge of the company twitter account for the day - and managed to get some new followers!

On my second day of work experience Mrs Vaz set me a task to do some market research - I looked at other software & AI companies to see how they advertise themselves. Later I took some stock photos which were used in the social media posts (including the one above). Now I am writing my first blog post.

Thank you talent4gig and especially Mrs Vaz for teaching me all about your start-up tech company and giving me this wonderful opportunity. I have learned a great deal and will always remember this experience.


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