How it works

Innovating is hard, finding talent should be easy. We are building features to make your experience easier integrating our platform with the tools you use for project management, payment, and record keeping.

High Quality

Our system means every Talent on our website is high-quality. Talents registering on the website are interviewed and have their skills verified before they are available to be hired. Giving you confidence in your teams.


Every project is unique and you need the flexibility to build a custom team for custom solutions. We will help you find exactly what you need no matter the challenge. Whether you need a Digital Strategist to define goals, recruit Talent, and manage the project or to scale up an office, we will work with you to find the perfect mix skills, experience, and cost

Fully Integrated

Our integration with Project Management, payment, and record keeping tools makes the process of managing your team easy. By onboarding Talents into our platform before you need them and integrating that platform with the most common tools, you save time and money while staying focused on your business.