How you're missing out on Hiring Great Developers

Want to know how to Hire the Best Developers for your Project

By Nicola Palumbo

3 Jan 2021

4 min read

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Are you a firm or startup needing help when it’s time to hire developers for growing companies in Switzerland? A lot of companies, especially those who are in their initial stages of operation or transition, miss out on hiring great developers to work with them.

Whether it’s for long-term work or project-based, each company has a unique set of requirements and needs when it comes to the people they bring on board. However, with the rapid shift towards a more digital world, companies—both big and small—are becoming increasingly dependent on technology.

From needing software designed to carry out day-to-day tasks like inventory and order management, to needing a record system that’s accessible on-the-go, companies can no longer function effectively and efficiently without the use of technology.

Sometimes, it’s possible to outsource tasks when workload, workforce, space are issues—it’s also easy to do so, since developers are quite independent. Other times, an in-house team is necessary for any work to be done.

How Can You Hire the Best Developers for Your Project?

The faces of employment, education and social life have taken on a new shape in the past few decades. Now, it matters less who you are and where you come from. What matters more is what you can do.

In short: degrees don’t matter; skills do.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies haven’t caught up to this radical new idea that a person’s abilities are not tied to their accessibility to formal higher education. In a world full of free resources, self-sufficiency and intense competition, it’s relatively easier for people without years of formal training to catch up to those who have it.

Some of the biggest roadblocks to hiring good developers are brought on to companies by themselves. Here’s what not to do when trying to hire developers:

Don’t get caught up in degrees and titles

Sometimes a candidate looks promising on paper; they’ve been to the best colleges, schools, have years of training and a passably impressive portfolio. But they’re not very good at their job.

Other times, a candidate seems to have the necessary skills and qualifications, but no real formal training—but they’re amazing at what they do. You’d be surprised to find your diamond in the rough when it comes to looking for developers who’ve honed their skills with practice and not just the tag of an Ivy League school.

Don’t hire solely on the basis of previous employers

Requirements differ from one organization to the other. Skills are transferrable, but the individual matters more than the big name they’ve listed on their resume. If you do trust this, ask questions. Ask about their roles, specifics and examples—the more information you have, the better your decision.

Don’t expect an expert. Find someone who’s willing to learn

Even senior developers have a lot to learn; the industry has changed a lot in the time it took for them to become senior developers. Look for candidates who can do the job, but are also open to learning, growth, openness and flexibility.

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