What is a Full Stack Developer?

How can they help your team?

By Sharon Vaz

2 April 2021

5 min read

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A full stack developer is an engineer who can deal with the clients, databases, servers & systems engineering - a jack of all trades for both front and back end coding. Front end is the user interface and backend is where all the magic happens. Given they need to know a lot and are highly versatile there is an ever growing demand for this role.

What are the skills a full stack developer needs?


HTML & CSS determine the look and feel of a website. Clients want an interactive and engaging front end. A full stack developers role is to make this happen.

  • JavaScript

This is a mandatory skill for full stack developers. It is one of the most widely used languages for writing both front & backend code. They also need to make sure they are aware of new developments and upgrade their skills as necessary.

  • Git & Github

Developers must be able to create and manipulate database queries. Git is an open source repository service that can handle development needs. Having a Github profile allows developers to keep track of the latest modifications and to collaborate with programmers working on similar projects.

  • Backend Languages

There are a number of languages available for back end development and a full stack developer must be able to use a few of these. For example: Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Rust

  • HTTP & Rest

HTTP is a communication protocol between servers and clients. Rest uses HTTP to obtain data - it's an interface between different systems. As both of these are necessary a full stack developer must know both well.

  • Web architecture

As they are going to be the person responsible for both front and backend development they must know web architecture to know how to structure the code, categorise files, structure databases and perform tasks.

  • Database Storage

As web applications need a place to sort data, the full stack developer must be skilled in database management.

  • Design Skills

To be able to design a front end that the client is happy with a full stack developer must have some design skills

  • Tech Stack knowledge

Depending on the company & the project a full stack developer must know either MEAN, LAMP, RoR or DJANGO.

  • Soft Skills

A full stack developer will be part of a team and need to corporate with the project owner to ensure they understand what the client needs and to be able to explain what is possible based on the budget and deadlines set.

At talent4gig we run coding challenges where you can: 

  • See how you compare on these skills if you want to be a full stack developer
  • Analyse how your full stack developers compare - internally or externally
  • Find candidates who have the fullstack developer skills you need for your team

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