Any Questions?

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What do you do?

We have an AI platform that allows us to run coding challenges so that we know how skilled your Tech Team is. We use this to prepare reports that allow you to run your business as efficiently as possible  

How do you increase diversity?

Our AI platform allows you to analyse your team based on hard & soft skills - not traditional CVs. This decreases unconscious bias (who cares what school they went to if they are the most highly skilled).  That means you have the team best suited to the project you are working on no matter their age, gender, school or any of the other traditional ways used to narrow down team selection  

Can I use T4G to hire new staff?

Yes - if you have run our reports and find you have a miss-match of skills we can use our AI platform to find you a new team member that has the hard & soft skills you are missing.

How do I find out if the T4G AI will work for my company?

Generally if you care about your employees, pay competitively, value smart working and are committed to having the best tech teams you will find T4G can help you.  

I am looking for a job, where do I go?

Register with us on our developer's page. There you will see our current challenges to see if you can complete these - when you do you will be in our database and we will contact you as soon as we have an exact match.

How do I run a challenge?

Arrange a meeting with one of our team and they will note your technical requirements and write a challenge that will verify the skills of your current team or potential new team members.

If you have any other questions -you can email us or schedule a meeting

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