5 essential skills your tech team needs

By Sharon Vaz

4 June

3 min read

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Building a great tech team takes time. You will have people from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of talents, especially if you build your team based on skills.

So what skills are essential when you are building a team - either from scratch or expanding your current team?

1. Critical thinking

It is necessary in tech to think in a rational manner. You will be working with different people - many who aren't in the tech field and your team needs to be able to work though the problems and come up with a viable solution that fits the clients needs and budget requirements. They need to highlight any issues that may arise and propose solutions. They need to have the intelligence to work though these problems and test them to make a robust solution.

2. Teamwork

If you build your team on skills (which is the best way to build a tech team!) then your team will be made up from various sectors with different view points. Teamwork is essential to make the projects run smoothly. While a lot of work can be done solo some of the problems your team will face will be complicated and will be solved best as a team.

3. Communication

Your tech team (or some of them) will have to deal with the customers - internally or externally depending on how your business functions. They need to be able to communicate between the team, the client and work out how to fulfil client requests in a way that the team understands.

4. Project Management

Projects need someone to manage them or they run over time and don't deliver the client requirements. Projects needs to be broken into tasks and these these tasks need to be prioritised and adapted as the project progresses.

5. Coding Skills

No surprise that coding skills are essential in a tech team. Not only do the team have to have coding and programming abilities - they need to keep up to date with the new technology and understand multiple languages depending on which project they are working on.

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