10 Steps to increase your employer brand

Be the company everyone wants to work for!

By Sharon Vaz

18 June

4 min read

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If you google “employer branding” you will come up with over 100 million results.  As it becomes harder and harder to attract the right candidates, companies are having to think more about how they can differentiate themselves.

So what can you do to make sure you are the company a candidate will want to work for?

1. Make sure you have a strong identity

You have to do some research and find out what your employer brand is and how to improve this. You can’t just say you want X to happen if it doesn't work with your team. You want to create amazing experiences for your employees so they become brand ambassadors for you.  You should want to create a great place to work. If you do that will become obvious both internally and externally.

2. Schedule time to work on your company brand

While it would be great to have a brand manager we understand, not every company has the budget for this.  However, you can still schedule some time with your team and find out what they love about the company and how to grow this.  Don’t just assume everyone is happy because you as a CEO (or the management team) are. It’s very easy to let this go and suddenly find you are on the front pages because your old employees have gone on social media to air their grievances.

3. Create reasons to celebrate your employees.

Everyone likes being told they have been recognised for their hard work.  Can your CEO acknowledge people within your organisation to say how grateful they are for their hard work?  What would foster pride among your team? There are lots of possibilities - from free to some that will require some budget, but all of them can help you build your employee brand.

4. What matters to your team?

You know your team - what matters to them?  If you are in tech you are going to have to choose things that matter to them.  You can do this at all stages of the employee journey.

5. Watch how you deal with bad situations

Not everything works, we understand that.  You will no doubt have times where you have to let people go, or they chose to leave because they don't fit in.  How you manage this can help how the employees feel and hopefully they won’t be so annoyed that they post negative comments on sites like Glassdoor.  People who are unhappy are more likely to give a bad review and also tell more people about their negative experiences. If they do then you can try to use this opportunity to improve and work out what went wrong.

6. Engage more with your employees

Due to Covid19 we have seen how remote working has been embraced.  But how do you encourage employees to take part in employee branding?  Do you encourage employees to engage with your brand? If they do engage or promote your company - are you thanking them? You could even let the employees take over one of your social media accounts for the day to get them to engage with customers.

7. Create places for employees to share ideas internally.

If you are in tech you know that developers want to work on new projects and share ideas, ask for feedback etc.  Have you created channels where this is possible?  Can you do meetups (online or in person) so that developers can meet people from different teams & share ideas?

8. Make new joiners feel part of the team

From the time you first meet the candidate you can make them feel part of the team.  Feedback after the interview even if you don’t want to progress with this candidate.  If you have signed them make sure they are involved in as much as possible even before they join the company.  Help them meet their new colleagues and start to create relationships before they join - this will save time and help them be better integrated into the company.

9. How to make your brand believable

You can have all the pool tables and free beer you want, but if your employees don’t share these values then people aren’t going to believe in your brand.  If you can, share stories from your employees that share your brand values.   Also make sure you listen to feedback from any sources and use this as an opportunity to improve your brand.

10. Make sure your employees feel valued

The most important step is to make sure your employees feel valued.  If they don’t feel valued or included they will look elsewhere and leave with a negative impression - which they will then share with others in the community.

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