Dressing for Zoom/video calls

In the current climate, it doesn't look like we will back to meeting in person anytime soon - let's make sure we all present the best side of us. Mette Ernst from Nordic Color and Style will show you how.

By Mette Ernst

19 Feb 2021

5 min read

This is the new normal unfortunately. Zoom calls are here to stay, even if we do go back into the office in the near future. Here, I have listed some tips to make sure you give the best impression - be it for a meeting or an interview.

  • Remember to dress appropriately for the situation - A nice pullover or shirt will do for an internal meeting. For an interview, you should dress more formally. I would recommend you wear trousers (or a skirt if you prefer) - just because it makes you get into the right mindset.
  • As you are online the other person will focus on what they can see in the camera. Is your hair tidy? If you wear make-up is it natural looking? Is there anything that will cause the other person to have a negative opinion about you? You want them to focus on what you are saying not what you are wearing.
  • Avoid black and pure white! On the screen, it can be difficult to see the contours and black can seem too harsh against your skin tone.
  • Do not choose colors that are too close to your skin tone or to the background - you want to stand out not blend in.
  • A tone of blue is ideal for most skin tones. Dark blue radiates calmness and a classical and professional style. Wear a dark blue jacket with a lighter (blue) shirt underneath for more formal meetings. A nicely ironed shirt will do for most meetings.
  • Avoid patterns, as these seem to flicker on the screen. Plain colors are better.
  • Women should not wear tops with too deep a neckline.
  • Background - Light should not be too harsh. Daylight is best - if this isn't an option invest in a ring light so that your face is not in darkness.
  • Remember what's behind you - that can be distracting for the people you are talking to. If you can't use a virtual background make sure you move your camera to a neutral background for example a plain wall - try not to have a bed or a messy room showing. This will be what people focus on.
  • Check where your camera is situated - you don't want to be filmed from below (usually very unflattering) or looking like you are focusing on something else because you are looking away from the camera.
  • DO A TRIAL RUN! Check your image and background - call a friend and see if they can see anything distracting as this will give you confidence in your meetings.

If you would like me to help you with your styling - in life or for zoom calls please click on my logo below to book a session with me.

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