Diversity in Your Team

We know diversity is important - find out what it can do for your team

By Sharon Vaz

8 Jan 2021

3 min read


We all know the benefits of a diverse team – it helps companies be more innovative, increases creativity, and can help your company achieve better results.

It also makes employees feel more engaged, valued and empowered when they look around and see a variety of people with different backgrounds, gender, experience, race, religion, and so on.

However, traditional methods of hiring mean that unconscious bias creeps into your hiring and reduces the diversity of a team.   We generally gravitate to people who look like us, have similar backgrounds to us, who have experiences we relate to.  While this is easy to understand it does reduce diversity & stifles creativity.

Here at Talent4gig, we use AI to pre-screen the candidates so that you get to match with the candidates best suited to your needs.  This is based on having their skills tested specifically for your role – not what the ATS filers from their CV.  We all know that candidates routinely run their CV through ATS trackers to ensure they have the “skills” mentioned on the job spec (leaving you to wait until the candidate starts to know how good they are).    ATS then filters based on other requirements you input eg university attended etc, where your unconscious bias comes into play and this can mean you miss out on the best candidates.

At T4G we set coding challenges to show you how good the candidates are – you then get to pick from the best candidates based on defined skills not which school they attended, colour, age, or gender.  All of which help you create a diverse team to boost the productivity of your company.

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