Why company culture matters.

How strong is yours ?

By Sharon Vaz

30 April 2021

3 min read

Corporate culture

All companies have a culture - culture develops where there are people. However - it doesn't just happen on it's own.

As a small company we are aware that we have to build a great company culture so that when we grow we have a strong cultural foundation. We have our values that matter to us as people and, as a company and want to make sure these values help us grow in the right direction.

Why is this so important though?

We think it is for the following reasons:

  • The culture of your company is one of the most important factors in driving innovation. Innovation matters to us as we are always looking for ways to solve any problems life may bring up.
  • As a small company we have to make sure we all have the same values & goals - we work closely together and while we may have different ideas on how to get to there we know we will accomplish the goals we have set.
  • We want to make our company a place that people want to work for - not just for a few months, but a place that they can grow and know that their ideas are valued. Our culture means no one is just a number.
  • Diversity is important to us - both within the company and with companies we work with. A diverse team brings so much to any discussion - why would people not want this?
  • We use our corporate culture to help each member of the team grow - no matter if you are the CEO (hello Nicola!) or the new hire - we can all teach each other new things.
  • We have a positive culture here - yes things go wrong but that's normal and we use that experience to grow and do better next time - life would be boring if every day was the same!
  • We trust people to do what they need to do to get their goals met, if they need help - we provide help. If they need to go to see family, they go to see family. By trusting our team we know they will help us meet our goals. We think this helps us increase productivity - a happy team is the way to go.
  • We know we are a small company - we don't have a global brand name (yet!) like Google, Microsoft - but what we do have is a company that cares about its team members and its customers.

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