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Ways AI can help your business

In partnership with

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10 steps to increase your employer brand

Be the company everyone wants to work for!

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How skill analysis can help your HR team

When hiring tech talent

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5 essential skills your tech team needs

...and why

working from home

7 ways to lead your remote team

A happy team is a productive team


Why skill assessment can help increase diversity

What are the benefits?

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5 key ways tech hiring has changed in 2021

Tech skills are in high demand.

cv for the bin

Why CV's are not the best way to hire.

Especially for tech candidates.

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Why company culture matters?

How strong is yours?

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What is a cloud specialist?

Do you need your head in the clouds to become one?

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What is a data scientist?

Why did Harvard call it the sexiest job of the 21st century?

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What is a full stack developer?

How can they help you?

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What is a software engineer?

Why do you need one?

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A guest post from Joey Richardson

Our first Schnupperlehrstelle at talent4gig.

bad apple

Why a bad hire is bad for business...

..and how you can avoid them.

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What do you need to know about Skill Assessment?

What is skill assessment & how can it help you? Part 2

Logo Nordic Color and style

Dressing for video calls

Stylist Mette Ernst shows you how to create a good impression on video calls.

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Diversity in tech teams

Why it's a good idea and what you should do to build a diverse team.


Learn how to stay agile everyday and maintain a work-life balance

Our guest post this week features professional coach Adelina Stefan explains how to maintain a balance between life and work.

rail track

How to conduct a skills gap analysis for your tech team

You need to make sure your team has the right skills to achieve your goals

seal of excellence

Award received by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020

We are proud to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence from Horizon 2020


Diversity in your team

We all know the benefits of a diverse team – it helps companies be more innovative, increases creativity, and can help your company achieve better results


How you're missing out on Hiring Great Developers

How to hire the best developers to make your team work well

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From Good to Great: Traits of a Successful Software Developer

Part 2

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