Trust Your New Hires with Easy Assessments

Trust Your New Hires with Easy Assessments

Ryan Nelson

Verify CVs


In a perfect world, each CV would be an honest representation of a person’s skills. However, in our imperfect world, we need a way to verify. In addition to the time it takes to conduct technical interviews with developers, it is still difficult to get a clear understanding of their skills with only a CV review and technical interview. In spite of this, most companies are still relying on CV reviews to determine who is the right technical fit for a position before sending the CVs to a hiring manager.

Custom Challenges

We work with companies to build custom challenges to test the specific skills that will be required in each role. So that after an HR professional reviews resume and conduct a phone screening, candidates can be challenged through our platform to find who is truly the best candidate. This powerful tool and detailed report let’s manager focus on the best candidates, find who is a good fit for the team culture, and get back to the business of growing the company confident that they have the data necessary to make the right decision.

Certified Developers

An evaluation is only as good as the individuals doing the assessment. That’s why we offer new and interesting challenges along with flexible work and pay to attract the right skills. Expert developers are some of the most sought-after professionals today and they have the ability to choose the work and projects that offer the best balance of pay, projects, and personal life. After we verify their “expert-ness” we offer an opportunity to work on exciting and constantly changing challenges. Sometimes that means building a coding challenge for a company, sometimes is reviewing how ten developers approached the same problem from different angles. Each expert has the flexibility to choose which projects and as many projects as they want. Evaluations can be done from anywhere in the world with pay that attracts expert developers.

Better Data

With custom challenges for each position, amazing experts evaluating results, and detailed results, we can eliminate the fear of hiring the wrong candidate.

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