The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Perfect Developer

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Perfect Developer

Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process. Imagine the additional efforts and costs that you can incur if you hire the wrong candidate.

When it comes to hiring developers, it can get quite tricky to test their skills and competency and to assess if they’re the perfect candidate for your company. So we’ve prepared a guide to help you hire the ideal developer.

Make an appropriate job ad

It might sound obvious but attracting the right candidates can save you from the hassle of filtering those who don’t fit your needs. Make the job ad according to the specific projects you’re looking to hire for. For example, if you want to recruit a developer for a short-term project, you can hire a freelancer but if you’re looking to recruit for the long term, you’ll need to pursue a more thorough job advertisement process.

Make sure you clearly list the qualifications and criteria in the job advertisement. For example, if your website is built on Python and if you don’t mention the required languages, you’ll probably end up with many job applicants who can’t work in the core language that your company needs.

Look for relevant experience and knowledge

Smart developers never stop their learning process because the complex world of programming changes every day and proficient developers need to stay up to date with new technologies and resources to work.

Many programmers just take crash courses and don’t build on their knowledge, which isn’t enough for solving complex coding challenges. So consider the technical acumen and the most recent courses or classes the candidate has taken.

The experience of developers enhances their ability to work in dynamic situations and enables them to develop the most innovative websites and applications, so make sure that the developer you’re hiring has considerable experience of working in the industry.

Ask for open source code contributions

Many developers have open-source code projects or can provide samples from their past projects. Ask them to share links and samples so you can evaluate their competency and ability to solve problems in multiple ways.

Some developers also have technical blogs that can provide you an insight into their technical expertise and their understanding of the programming world.

Verify their skills

While it’s important to ask developers to write about their knowledge and experience in their job application and share their past work, you can’t verify their skills until you make them take coding challenges.

Verify their skills

We can help you in skill verification of candidates and to hire a perfect developer for your company. We’re one of the top recruiting platform for developers in Switzerland and have experts who guarantee the highest quality of the online coding challenges for developers Switzerland for your recruiting process.

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