Spend Less Time Hiring with Better Data on Candidates

Spend Less Time Hiring with Better Data on Candidates

Ryan Nelson


Use CVs only for employment history

Companies are increasingly using technology for matching candidates to a position. Many great startups are finding ways to parse CV and resume data to find the best possible fit and save time spending screening applicants that don’t fit the position in order to save for the HR professional. However, when hiring developers’ CVs and resumes are not enough to quickly find the right candidate

In most companies, the manager of a vacant position is responsible for interviewing applicants and assessing their skills.

Even when spending tens of thousands in recruiting and searching for some of the most important members of a team, most companies skills rely on CV/resume reviews and some technical questions from the hiring manager to determine the best fit.

A never-ending process

The process usually goes:

1. Initial CV screening to match the skills
2. A telephone interview with HR to screen the applicants
3. The HR manager sends the screened resumes to the manager filling a role
4. The hiring managers interview the candidates, sometimes with a senior develops, to assess their technical skills
5. The hiring manager makes a decision and the HR creates the offer

Internal teams spend countless hours

This means that while hiring, the manager and often a senior developer are not only away from their positions growing the company, but the company is paying some of the highest salaries to screen candidates. This also can leave managers feeling like they don’t have the right information on the applicants and hiring based on limited technical interviews. By providing more detailed information before inviting them onsite for an interview, our customers have been able to reduce the amount of time the manager is involved in the hiring process from 50 hours down to only 3 while guaranteeing better results.

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