Programming Woes: What Common Problems Do New Programmers Face?

Programming Woes: What Common Problems Do New Programmers Face?

As a new programmer, your first real taste of the programming industry is an exciting moment. Not only do you get to work on real world projects and test out your skills, but you also get to code all day, which can be a lot of fun.

However, in most cases, what follows is trying to keep up with the deadlines, bug reports, and unhappy clients. These challenges can make you feel drained, irritated, and de-motivated.

While getting past these challenges is tough, the end rewards are worth the effort. Here’s a list of some common woes faced by programmers and quick fixes to help you manage them:

Not Understanding What the User Wants:

Software development doesn’t work like most product/service industries. Programmers don’t have direct access to end users most of the time, and have to rely on information conveyed through different means. This lack of direct interaction between the user and the programmer means that it’s often difficult to understand what the user is looking for with regard to the software.

The solution to this is to get in touch with people who do have direct access to the end users. These can be the end user experts or designers. Another way to ensure your software is user-centric is by testing it out yourself.

Lack of Communication Skills:

Programming can be an isolating task. A lot of programmers are so used to sitting for hours writing code on their computer with no human interaction that they become socially awkward and have trouble articulating thoughts when interacting with people.

When it comes to the IT industry, communication is just as important as it is in any other field. A programmer is required to talk to their manager, team members, or users to make sure the end product is exactly what is needed. So make sure you work on your communication and social interaction skills!

Time Estimation:

New programmers often underestimate the time it takes to code specific software. This can lead to unrealistic promises and delays which create rifts between the company and its clients. You need to make sure you provide accurate estimates, including the initial coding, possible issues, and time required to debug them.

common woes faced by programmers

Long Hours and Lack of Outputs:

Sitting for hours on end writing code is part and parcel of any programmer’s job. New programmers aren’t used to this and might face issues such as numb legs, neck sprains, and back pain. They can also get bored and frustrated or get stuck while writing a particularly complicated piece of code. In these situations, it’s important that you take a break and do something that will refresh you and help you feel motivated again. Having a cup of coffee, going for a walk, or just having a chat with a friend can help you get back on track and make you feel good again.

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