How your driving style can help find the perfect job!

How your driving style can help find the perfect job!

Eveline Lonoce

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You may wonder what one thing has to do with the other. How could your driving style possibly help find the job you like and thrive in?

Well, it’s not necessarily about driving literally. It’s the fact that your behaviour when driving a vehicle shows some of your personality. Are you more challenge seeking or maybe even aggressive? Are you insecure when it comes to difficult situations or distracted by events going on around you? Are you kind and give others right of way?

And let’s say you are the kind, letting others pass by and stopping for every pedestrian crossing driver, do you do that considering the rest of the traffic? Can you choose when to stop and give free priority and when it’s better for the traffic situation to drive on?

Still, you think what this has to do with your future job?

These days the importance of the ‘perfect fit’ is even more so, as we’re already in the middle of ‘Industry 4.0’ and increasing speed towards unknown territory. According to the latest study on the future of work, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts that in the next five years almost half of all activities will be completely different from what they are today. Companies are desperately looking for THE employee that will be able to go through all the changes and develop with the industry. To the difficulty of determining the skills of today – not to talk about the skills of tomorrow – that an employee should have, challenges every company these days.

On top of it all, the young generation of talents is not just happy with what companies see as great offerings. The new employees that will bring us to the future, actually will build the future, see life different, have other ambitions and new goals when it comes to work and personal fulfillment. We can see a more social and environmental approach, an also more casual way of dealing when it comes to the place of work and the job. Employees want to be part of something, build and shape. They want to make a difference, according to their conditions, ambitions and likings beside the need to generate an income and ‘be successful’. Even the understanding of the so called ‘success’ is not defined by norm and, became a very personal one.

In the need of finding any match, not to dare to dream of the ‘perfect fit’ for a job opening, usually, a lot of compromises are taken. Candidates that actually would under other circumstances not have been chosen become employees. Employees that do not fit the culture of a company are kept and team leaders and peers need to just ‘live’ with them. A real dilemma .

One suggestion would obviously be to find out more about a candidate besides the skillset. It’s not only important to be able to tick off every job description point but to try to understand if the candidate could develop in a yet unknown direction of Industry 4.0. One of the top important fit criteria should be the fit in culture. That’s crucial for both sides. It’s not the Best job you as candidate want, it’s the Perfect one. And it’s not the Best employee ever a company should be looking for, but the Perfect for that company in that specific job at that specific time.

As the talents of the future see work and the workspace in a different light, the culture is crucial to make them feel good where they are. And the culture is determined by the people working in a company, no matter if small or big. A culture can only be lived by daily activities and has nothing to do with what is written on a website or employee

reminders in fancy posters hung on a wall. Culture starts with how people working in the company say hello to each other first thing in the morning. Or how lunch is been taken. Do people eat together in an extra space for it? Or do they go out together in teams and with colleagues? Or does each individual handle it according to personal choice, if eating at all?

There is no right or wrong in it. It’s just to understand what kind of shape does the company have – as said, not by definition of a nice quote or sentence. If you understand the culture of a company you can start to look for the right questions.

How now is your driving style?

As someone having the aggressive, always looking for the best way through traffic not bothering about others in the game style, this may tell something about how the work environment should look like. Does this person like challenges and creative, though tough or aggressive, ways to reach a goal or complete a job/project? What do you think, would this person be a good fit for a more social kind of company that believes in achieving things all together and always keeping the team effort in focus?

Or another example. A driving style that approaches rules in a benevolent way and gives way to the more aggressive driver, but stills has a good eye for the whole situation and decides according to the best possible outcome of all the players. That could be an indication for someone having the overview and could be developing into a leader or game driver position.

Yes sure, it is not only the driving style that indicates about a good fit, and hopefully, the perfect one. But maybe next time in a job interview questions could be asked like: How would you define your driving style? Or the interviewer could pick a daily traffic situation and talk about how the candidate would behave. By the way, that also works if someone doesn’t drive a car. Ask how the pedestrian would act if a car would behave like this and that.

Are you the one looking for the perfect company you’d like to work in? Maybe you ask about how the company would describe their culture if it were a driving style? 😉

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