8 Benefits of Skill Verification before Hiring a Developer

8 Benefits of Skill Verification before Hiring a Developer

Skill assessment tests help companies evaluate the knowledge and skills of their potential candidates and current employees. It ensures that their chosen candidates have the required skills to successfully and efficiently perform their jobs.

According to a Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research, 82% of the companies use some form of skill verification tests these days.

There are various benefits of using skill assessment tests, paired with basic selection methods such as examining resumes and conducting employee interviews.

Without further ado, here are 8 reasons that make skill verification beneficial for your firm before you hire a developer.

1. Testing candidates’ claims

As stated by Criteria Pre-Employment Testing, around 78% of resumes are deceptive and up to 46% are full of lies!

Skill verification tests enable employers to ensure the authenticity of candidates’ resumes.

2. Determining a good fit for the job

A skill assessment test verifies whether a candidate is the right fit for applied vacancy. They provide information relevant to a candidate’s ability to perform at work. Employees can determine whether the candidate is a good for the organizational culture, and whether their values match your organization’s values and goals.

3. Avoiding a bad hire

According to research by Career Builder, 74% of employers accept that they’ve recruited a candidate for a position. Using skill assessment tests decrease the probability of a bad hire.

Avoide a bad hire

4. Handling high volume recruitment

Skill verification tests make it easier to handle hiring in higher volumes. Adopting skill verification as a compulsory pre-screening method helps companies with filtering out the top candidates early in the recruitment process, saving hours of your precious time

5. To differentiate between similar candidates

Skill verification tests are a great way to differentiate between identical candidates. They can provide the employers with valuable insights and identify any nuances between candidates who seemingly have similar education and experience.

6. Eliminating biasness 

Adopting skill verification methods are crucial eliminating bias in the recruitment process. They offer accurate evidence based information on candidates’ in accordance with their skills and knowledge. These tests have proven to bring about more objective evaluations of the candidates.

Eliminate biasness 

7. Addressing skills gap

Using skill verification tests is an effective way of looking after significant problem of skills gaps among employees and potential candidates.

According to recent research carried out by the Society for Human Resource Management, in the past 12 months nearly 75% of HR professionals faced difficulty with recruitment due to skills gaps in candidates.

8. Reduces turnover

A research report by the Aberdeen Group states firms that adopt pre-hire assessment tests in their recruitment process show an overall 39% decrease in the turnover rate.

Reduces turnover

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