5 Ways to Improve Your Coding Skills

5 Ways to Improve Your Coding Skills

With an increasingly connected world and boost in technological advancements, your success as a coder highly depends on your adaptability and openness towards learning new things. Any experienced developer knows the importance and utter need of continuously improving programming skills in this era of evolving technology.

Whether you’re amateur to the industry or a professional, we have you covered with our 5 timeless techniques to improve your coding skills.

1. Keep Practicing!

You need to be confident in your own abilities. In many professional settings you may not want to reinvent or build something on your own, but it can work as a great learning exercise. Start working on your own blogs in PHP, develop JavaScript plug-in, and learn how these things work. Build confidence using pre-conditioned applications and plug-ins in your current job. Don’t be scared to lose—fail fast and often.

Don’t bind yourself to finish your practice projects. If you feel like you’ve already learned what you wanted to, explore new things before the earlier gets boring.

2. Develop Your Project & Release It

Now that you’ve practiced enough, practically apply your knowledge and build your own project. Whether it’s a website, a mobile app or a ruby gem, share it with the world. Observing people utilizing your codes will further boost your confidence.

Develop Your Project & Release It

3. Contribute To Open Source Projects

You may contribute to various open source projects on Github. It will be a great opportunity to learn additional experience and enhance your skills. Codes developed by others and feedback on your projects, can add to your knowledge pool.

4. Be Heard!

Giving talks at meet-ups and training in corporate settings will help you assess where you lack. You will realize that people are there listening to you because you have experienced what they haven’t. This will inculcate in you the feelings of being resourceful for others, leading you to practicing more to fulfill the urge of distributing more knowledge.

5. Talk Those Who Are In the Same Boat as Yours

Talking to people with similar experiences in coding will soon help you find out that they have the similar doubts and feelings of inadequacy about themselves. Getting to know that you’re surrounded by people experiencing the same hurdles as yours will help boost your confidence and move forward in your development career.

people with similar experience

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