Why a bad hire is bad for business...

...and how you can avoid them.

By Sharon Vaz

12 March 2021

4 min read

rotten apple

Building a team takes time.  Building a great team takes even longer.  So what damage can a bad hire do to your team?  And how can you avoid a bad hire?

  • Bad hires impact productivity

If you have someone new in the team and they can’t do their role effectively you are losing productivity - of the new team member & the people who have to spend more time bringing them up to speed. Others in the team have to pick up the slack which in turn limits their productivity. It can also cause your current team to start looking for roles elsewhere if they feel they are being made to do other roles as well as their own.

  • Bad hires are bad for morale

If you are under pressure to complete a project then the more you have to help others or pick up slack can have a dramatic effect on team morale - and when morale falls this has a negative impact on the whole team.

  • Bad hires mean you have to rehire (with the associated costs of that)

It’s expensive to find the people to build your team.  If you find someone you think is a good match who later you find out isn’t - then you have to go through the whole process again - this doubles the cost.

  • Bad hires can damage your reputation

Your ability to build a great team matters - if you continually find you have the wrong team current & future employees will start to question management's decision-making skills

  • Bad hires can wreak havoc with your client relationships

Not only does building a team take time, so does building client relationships.  If you have someone who doesn’t fit in your team it can cause damage to customer relationships - you may even lose customers.  These relationships take time to build so you want the right people representing your business.

  • Negative online reviews

Increasingly employees post online reviews about their positions. If someone is a bad fit they are more likely to leave a bad review which has long-term consequences for your company’s reputation.

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