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Evaluate candidates when it fits your schedule, you can review as many or as few evaluations as you have time for.

Remote work

Assessment can be done from an office in Tokyo, an apartment in Brooklyn, or a beach in Bali.

Extra money

With some of the most valuable skills today, we offer experts the same pay that they would expect in any role.

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What we are looking for

✓   Professionals:

Because an assessment is only as good as the assessor, we search for the most seasoned experts in each area.

✓   Creativity and Eye for Detail:

Sometimes we need an expert evaluation and sometimes we need an evaluation to be built.

✓   Certification:

Great developers don’t always come out of school, but we still value certification from places like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.


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Frequently asked questions

What do people usually review?

Our community review code of candidates according to the guidelines, best practices and latest technologies.

How much work-load would this mean?

Usually a review of a single solution can take up to one hour.

What is the average quality of submitted code and what expertise are required?

The submitted code goes from low to high quality therefore we require experts to review the code.

Can I schedule a call to know more?

Yes of course! Send us a message via our contact page and we will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, you can look at our FAQ to know more.

I am not looking for a full time opportunity, but I am interested in code reviews. Could you please elaborate on this role?

Sure! Our code reviews are part-time activities. When we have candidates to assess, we look for experts in the coding languages and technologies that ensures the candidate have the right skills.

Can you tell me more about how it works?

Yes of course! You have to Subscribe to the platform, provide your skills level. We will review your application and verify if you could be a potential code reviewer. We take into consideration work experiences, years of experiences, contribution to open source communities, certification from academy like apple, Google, Microsoft etc. You will be notified if you qualify.
Should you accept the opportunity, you will be contacted each time we need your expertise. At Talent4gig, we are so flexible, you can review the code of other developers during the week day after work or the weekend.

What are the conditions?

We pay by hour and you suggesting your hourly rate is allowed.

What will be my exact tasks if I do this?

You will go through the submitted code solution and verify the candidate’s approach to the solution, use of best practice and standards.

I need further explanation. Could you give me extra details?

This FAQ page should help but just in case it doesn’t, please contact us via the contact form located here.

How does the economic compensation process work?

We hire freelance experts to conduct the review and pay them an hourly rate. Each review can go from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the job details – e.g. remote job, full-time etc.?

It’s a remote job. Assessments can be done from your office at home to your favorite coffee shop.

I am interested can you tell me more about your company?

Yes of course! Please read about us to know more.

What projects would I be reviewing and how does the pricing work?

You will be reviewing assessment results of candidates looking for a job. This usually takes up to 5 hours to implement. The idea is to understand their approach, and level of proficiency in their programming languages.

Can you choose when to do these reviews?

Yes, but usually we expect a quick answer between 2-3 days.

Is the reward based on the review’s difficulty?

Yes, it is

Can I focus on iOS developer candidate code reviews?

Yes of course!

How would I receive the code and how would the reviews be performed and reported back to you?

You will be notified via email when you are assigned a code review activity. our platform is well equipped to make your review process is understandable and easy.

How do we know that there is a new code review activity?

You will be notified through your email.

What is the duration of the review?

From 45mins to 1 hour.

What do I need to begin?

Subscribe at

Is the code review timeframe flexible?

Yes, it is flexible but we expect results within 2-3 days.

Is there a minimum requirement for weekly or monthly reviews?

Not at all, it’s totally flexible. However, when you are assigned a review and you accept it then it is highly recommended that you respect the deadlines .

How long should I spend on each review?

45min to 1hour.

Will the level of detail to review be the same for every candidate or they differ?

We do reviews based on these roles: Mobile developers,Full Stack Developers. Frontend developers, Backend Developers,etc.

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