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We focus on helping companies find the right developer at a reasonable price. We specialize in evaluating experienced professionals and unique skills. Every assessment is
reviewed by a trusted expert and is evaluated to find the right fit for the job.
Every company deserves to hire the best talent without putting their business on hold.

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Managing Director

Nicola Palumbo


9 years ago, Nicola received a terrible news after his holidays, He was informed that his contract would not be extended. In other words, he was unemployed.

After a few months of search, Nicola received an offer from a company in Switzerland so he decided to leave his city, country and family.

After he relocated, Nicola realized that It wasn’t just him moving abroad. What does he mean? In Europe, there are there 2 million people moving mainly in the IT industry, and in 2017, Italy, Portugal and Romania lost the majority of their qualified people. This is called BRAIN DRAIN and has negative impact on economies.

The challenge was that ever since his first day of work in Switzerland, he began to think about how remote work could solve this problem and stop countries like Italy from losing qualified people and at the same time, IT experts will be able to share their skills with international companies outside of their home country.

Although tools like Skype, Slack and Asana enable developers to work from anywhere,

there are still a few barriers. And this is where Talent4Gig comes in.

Better Worforce. Better Results.

Our Mission

To break down barriers in the hiring process by expanding growth opportunities through better workforce solutions.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to create a data-driven global job market that connects the right skills to the right job, by unlocking a new level of efficiency and opportunity through a market-leading competency in skills verification.


We understand deadlines are important. Work is also very important but at Talent4Gig a competitive healthy work-life balance is of priority. This is why we empower our employees by developing a culture that supports and fosters creativity in the workforce using modern day strategy and technology.

Meet the Team

Managing Director

Nicola Palumbo

Managing Director

Raffaele Liguoro

Digital Marketing Specialist

Giulia Di Maio


Stephan Häner

Thomas Spiegel

Kamales Lardi

Steffen Ehrhardt

Larry Bruck

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