5 key ways tech hiring has changed in 2021

Technical skills are in high demand.

By Sharon Vaz

14 May

4 min read

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It will come as no surprise that there is a shortage of tech candidates for roles.

Not only are companies needing more tech hires they are struggling to find relevant candidates. The skill gap needed to fill these roles is expanding - especially in the areas of data analytics, software development and project management.

The industry has changed with companies having to adapt due to the changes caused by the pandemic. Now we are returning to "normal" these changes will accelerate.

So what can companies do to make sure they find the right candidate for their project in the shortest time? What changes do they have to make to get the best talent to want to work with them?

1. Remote working is here to stay.

Tech has proved that it's suited to remote work and now that people are used to that it's going to be hard to get them back into and office full time. As a hiring manager that it good news - you have access to a much bigger talent pool if you allow remote working.

2. Skill-based selection will dominate tech hiring.

With the move to remote working skill based assessments will be more important than CV's. Companies want to have certainty that the candidate has provable skills and skill based selection process allow them hire in a bias free way, therefore increasing diversity in their teams.

3. There will be a hiring surge

Most companies have had hiring freezes in place due to the pandemic. Now we are returning to "normal" these will open up again - causing those people with the right skills to be in high demand.

4. Continuous Learning will increase

Given how fast technology changes, continuous learning will also play a bigger role going forward. Teams will be encouraged to grow and up-skill. There will be guided training (online or in person courses) and up-skilling used on an ongoing basis to build the right team. The ability to assess these skills for year end review purposes will become important

5. University Degrees will not be as important.

Historically, you had to tick all the boxes to be a match for a role. With ATS / CVs this is still the case. However, with skills based selection and continuous learning degrees will not be as relevant for the hiring of team members. What will be important is the candidates hard & soft skills. How do they solve problems? Can they learn new languages easily? Do they want to learn and grow in the role?

At talent4gig we can help you as a company . We can run a customised coding challenge so you can find a candidate based on verified skills. You can also use customised coding challenges to assess your team - do you need to hire? Should you run an up-skilling course? Was the course a success? Who should you promote?

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