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Talent4GIG offered a creative smart designer to complement our team in a very short time for our project!

Giorgio Zinetti


Talent4GIG helped me to select the right developer to launch my new e-commerce within 2 weeks



Talent4GIG has made the time we spend hiring go from an average of 50 hours to only 3.

Stefan Egloff


Talent4GIG helped us to build a team of 5 developers within 2 weeks

Thai Huy Nguyen - Project Manager


Call for full-stack developers


Open Challenge – web application

Build a reactive, concurrent, and distributed web application

Technologies: Akka , Akka Streams, ScalaZ, Play, Kafka and Docker

Prize: Get Interview for a company in the financial industry

Date: 10.05.2019

stock market
✓   Analytics
✓   Data streaming
✓   Reactive

Call for mobile developers

✓   Cross platform
✓   IoT
✓   Mobile

Open Challenge – mobile application

Build a monitoring app for a brewing system

Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Xamarin

Prize: Get an interview by a growing startup in the beer industry

Date: 16.05.2019


How We Are Different

We Specialize in Difficult Hires

There are a number of ways to test a junior developer’s skills.

However, despite your best efforts, it can still be difficult to find valuable members for your team. As a leading IT recruiting firm for developers, Talent4Gig evaluates the most important skills developers need to have for your business endeavor so you can have a team that can efficiently help you grow your business.

We are Built for Growing Companies

When it comes to furthering your company’s goals, having the right team working by your side is crucial. However, finding such specialized professionals can be time-consuming. We built our company to help business owners work faster and smarter.

We Save Money For Growing Companies

Not every growing company can afford to hire through an IT recruiting company. Most of them also can’t afford to pay senior developers for the hours required for evaluations and technical interviews. We provide a way to save money on hiring while making growth a priority

We Make your Journey to Success Easier

Talent4Gig is a professional developer recruitment firm in Switzerland that lessens the heavy workload involved in recruiting developers in IT. As a local tech and coding staffing firm, we make sure to hire only the best IT professionals for your company so you can have a reliable, home-grown team to depend on; one that can implement your business plan successfully in the online market.

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