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Use our talent calculator to assess your current team to show you what you need to do to have the right team at the right time for your business.


Our platform has been used by Fortune 500 Companies, Fintech & growing businesses including...

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It's not always easy to ensure you have the correct team to drive your business forward. Our powerful AI platform analyses source code to verify hard and soft skills, allowing you to connect the right skills to the right position to grow your business.

We are continually developing our data-driven global AI platform to allow you to unlock new opportunities and increase diversity through market-leading skills verification. This allows you to build the best tech team by utilizing the skills your employees have, as well as addressing any skill-gaps

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Verify Tech Skills

With our skill challenges, you get to see how skilled your team is - both internally and against external candidates. These easy-to-understand reports ensure you have the best team for the project you are working on as well as highlighting any skill-gaps so you can be proactive in solving problems before they arise.

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Encourage Diversity

We know that diversity is important - our AI platform allows you to choose your team based on verified skills not their CV. When you do this you increase your teams diversity - and a diversified team encourages creativity.

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Position for Growth

It's important that you can grow your business by having the right team at the right time - Talent4gig can help you make this happen. Our platform makes it easy for you to ensure you have the team your projects require based on their skills. It allows you to ensure you build your team based on verified skills as well as giving you the ability to solve any skill-gaps in your company - quickly - so you are positioned correctly for your business to excel.

We are proud to have received these awards

Horizon 2020

We received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.


AI Pitch Battle - Malta 2019

We came 2nd in the AI Pitch Battle in September 2019

Customized Tech Skill Analysis: How it works for you.

Our coding challenges allow management to understand what your tech team does without having to understand programming. It shows you where your team is excelling and where there are opportunities for training or new positions. You can then use these reports to ensure you match your project with the team members who have the correct skills. You also have the opportunity to compare with external candidates if you require additional team members.

" Setting clear and measurable recruitment goals was a distinctive mark of Talent4gig service offering. At the same time, the challenge, which is a pre-requisite for potential candidates to complete in order to move to the next step in the recruitment process, has eased and sped up the matching of candidates’ skills against the requirements for the opening position. "

Aureliano G. COO Benchmarking & Analytics

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Increase your brand awareness in the Tech Community

Running a challenge for your business (you can do this internally & externally) means your company gets known in the tech community as an employer that highly values current tech skills and therefore you become an employer of choice.

" Knowing that multinational tech businesses such as Google & Apple etc use coding challenges to increase brand awareness as they do at Talent4gig meant I knew they cared about programmers "

Stefan Egloff, HochDigital


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Use our talent calculator to assess your current team to show you what you need to do to have the right team at the right time for your business.